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Android Developer Tips
Android interview — Alejandra Stamato (@astamatok)

Alejandra Stamato is an Android community active member who recently switched from being an Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google working in Compose text and architecture, to a product role as Android Technical Lead at HubSpot. In this friendly interview, she will share with us her story and career path.

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Links and References

► Ale’s Twitter:

► Ale’s LinkedIn:

► Ale’s TextField in Jetpack Compose: past, present, and future – Droidcon London 2023 talk:

► Ale’s Write it down: Using text in Jetpack Compose – Droidcon Berlin 2022 talk:

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► Ale’s Swipe and Savor: Building a swipeable Snackbar in Compose article:

► A sample GitHub repo of Android Interview Questions:

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