Android Developer Tips
Android Developer Tips
Android development — The must-have Android Studio plugins

As an Android developer, it’s crucial to have powerful tools that make our development process easier.

In this video, Ilyas Ipek joins me to share some of the most useful Android Studio plugins that you may find helpful.

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Links and References

► Medium Article about Android Studio Plugins:

► Strings Manipulation Video:

► Detekt Video:

► Ktlint Video:

AndroidStudio Plugins

► Dracula Theme

► GitHub Theme

► One Dark Theme

► DarkCode Theme–darkcode-theme

► Atom Material Icons

► Mario Progress Bar

► Nyan Progress Bar

► Rainbow Brackets

► CodeGlance Pro

► Json Formatter

► JSON to Kotlin Class

► Kotlin Fill Class

► String Manipulation

► ADB Idea

► GitToolBox

► Detekt

► Ktlint ​(unofficial)​

► GitHub Copilot

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