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Android Developer Tips
Android interview — Ivan Morgillo (@hamen)

Ivan Morgillo is a freelance Android Developer currently working for Novoda, the co-host of Code with the Italians, and one of the Android Community’s active members. He is a well-known face in the Berlin Android meetup group who recently moved back to Italy!
In this interview, you will learn more about his lifestyle, his ideas about Android development, and his recent contributions to the Android community.

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Links and References:

► Ivan’s Twitter

► Code with the Italians

► Ivan’s personal weblog

► Ivan’s Kindle app

► Ivan’s talk at Droidcon Berlin 2015 – Android Reactive Programming with RxJava

► Ivan’s talk at Geekfest 2018 – “Can You Read My Code?”

► Ivan’s talk at Mobius 2020 – Design for errors — an introduction to Domain modeling with a bit of Arrow

► “Domain-Driven Design” book

► “Domain Modeling Made Functional” book

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