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Android interview — Danny Preussler (@PreusslerBerlin)

Danny Preussler is an Android Engineer at SoundCloud and an Android Community active member. He is well known for all the Droidcon Berlin opening sessions he hosted, and many talks around testing and TDD, and is also a well-known face in the Berlin Android meetup group.
In this interview, you will learn more about his lifestyle, his ideas about Android development, and his recent contributions to the Android community.

Links to the video on YouTube:

Links and References:

► Danny’s Twitter:

► Danny’s latest article – Interpreting voice results for Android media apps in cars

► Danny’s talk at Droidcon Berlin 2013 – “Unit tests with Robolectric”

► Danny’s talk at Droidcon Zagreb 2016 – All around the world –

► Danny’s talk at Droidcon Berlin 2017 – The power of Kotlin for your tests

► Danny’s talk at Droidcon Berlin 2018 – To inject or not inject dependency in a Kotlin world

► Danny’s talk at Droidcon NYC 2018 – Junit5: the next-gen of testing, don’t stay behind

► Danny’s talk at Android Makers Paris 2019 – Effective Unit testing with Kotlin

► Danny’s talk at DevFest 2019 – TDD on Android

► Danny’s favorite playlists

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