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Android Developer Tips
Android interview — Seyed Jafari (@seyedjafariy)

Seyed Jafari is a Software Engineer at Revolut Ltd and an Android Community active member. In this interview, you will learn more about his lifestyle, his ideas about Android development, and his recent contributions to the Android community.

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Links and References:

► Seyed’s Twitter

► Seyed’s Salary Tweet

► Seyed’s talk at Droidcon London – “Crashing is good for your app”

► JetBrains Toolbox app

► Seyed’s side project

► “String.format() 3x faster in Java 17” article

► “Always provide a Modifier parameter” article

► ConEmu – Handy Windows Terminal

► Java learning resource for Persians

► Custom Android ROMs forum

► The imposter syndrome talk at Droidcon Berlin 2021

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